3 convicted paedophiles shot

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Three convicted paedophiles shot and hanged after they were found guilty of raping and killing a 10-yr-old boy
Image Source: EPA

Three convicted paedophiles have been shot and hung in a public square in Yemen after they were found guilty of raping and killing a 10 year old boy.

According to Yemen state media, the three men named as Abdul Jalil al-Ashhab, 19, Mohammed Said al-‘Uqri, 27, and Ghaleb al-Rashdi, 19, were all publicly shot and hung for their horrific crime.


It is understood the three men were shot repeatedly in the chest before they were hung by their necks from a crane in front of an angry crowd, in the city of Sana’a .

The men who were convicted of the crime, were found guilty of the boy’s murder which occurred last October.

It is believed the three men abducted the 10 year old whilst he was walking through a street on his way to his grandmother’s home.

The three men apparently took the innocent boy to a secluded area inside a school where they proceed to rape him before killing him and dumping his body.

Following a search by police authorities, the boy’s remains were tragically found four days later.

The killing of the three men isn’t uncommon as Yemen law allows public executions if members of the public are found guilty of crimes of a violent or sexual nature

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