It Just One 5 Letter Word That Makes Ireland So Expensive

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Just came back from Dublin and I was amazed by the prices there. I’ve visited tens of cities across Western Europe and yet prices in Dublin were staggering. I mean, a beer costs 2,20EUR in the bloody supermarket. In Germany you wouldn’t find one costing more than 1EUR. And I don’t believe that the average salary in Ireland is double the respective amount in Germany. And it’s not just alcohol, the food prices are very high as well.

There are many reasons explaining that.

Taxes. Fucking taxes on everything

Cost of transportation. Ireland, as a whole, has a smaller population than a metro area in Germany. And it’s also pretty isolated and the quantities imported in Ireland are much smaller than the one UK imports (which is also an island nation).

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-Multinational companies in a small isolated country. Think about it. Dublin is a small city compared to Europe’s urban areas. It’s metro population is less than 1.5M. Yet in such a city there’s an unusual density of global corporations which offer great wages. I don’t believe that Google or Apple offer minimum wage to their employees. So you have a small city and a bunch of well-paid people who are willing to spend their money on services. If I make 5,000EUR/month, paying 15EUR for a couple of pints in the city centre is no big deal. Or paying 1,500EUR to rent a single bedroom flat. But if I make 2,000EUR/month, then I do have a problem. And the truth is, well paid people are the ones dictating the prices.

Unless thousands of houses are built, pushing people to the outskirts and offering cheap housing, Dublin area in ten years time will be unaffordable for anyone who’s not working in tech, just like Zurich is unaffordable for anyone not working in banking.

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