Be vigilant of this scam happened on the Southside.

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A gang going around the southside in particular claiming to be working on example your neighbours chimney and they then say they noticed a problem with chimney next to it etc .. 3 men involved. They targetted an elderly man yesterday and demanded they take him to the bank for payment as he didnt have money in the house He refused and asked them to call back this morning.

The price for a so called job went from 120euros to almost 2000 euros. Lucky someone was there this morning and had garda on standby ..they were apprehended very quickly .

Warn elderly out there not to let any so called workmen who knock on their doors saying they have spotted something wrong with their roofs,chimneys etc .. their targetting elderly vulnerable people specially living in their own ,cheers

These people claim to be from a company in Blarney Street called Wilsons”””

Scammers are around again, they only target elderly people.

Source Cork Crime Alerts

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