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Hello My name is Eugene Quinn I am the Creator of Cork Matters Multi Lingual Digital Magazine. & Multi Media Marketing (Shrink Screen To View Popular Smart View)

Research shows that consumers have such wide variety and choice today they may take longer before engaging in a business transaction. In other words no matter how well you market your school/college ; they will check out the competition. So doesn’t it make sense to market more often then once a week; fortnight or monthly with an advertisement in local newspaper. Here with Cork Matters you are getting a full years multi media marketing for less then the cost of one weekly advertisement with the local paper.

Cork Matters is so much more than a magazine. Its a multi media marketing tool your business needs in this media driven society.



Step 1: Your interactive page is created. With all instant CTA Features See Sample in LINK. Your page has multi lingual CTA (A valuable feature  in our multi lingual environment.)

Step 2: Send information, reviews and any news you would like customers to discover about your business/service. Send as often as you want and as many as you want.

Step 3: Your article is published, it’s posted, it’s pushed. (via social media,and email targeting).

Your business will be seen by 5,000 readers A week  on Cork Matters Digital Magazine.

Which is Free to download and no subscription fees. View Link.

We do not use Google Ads in your article. The CTA link in your article is yours.

Optional Extras FREE You can have Videos and Podcasts to promote yourself. We mentor you how to be effective on all media platforms.

OFFER ENDS 24/9/19

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