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SCAM ALERT: Indians are ringing Irish people looking for their PPS using this Irish phone number

The fraudsters are getting creative in their efforts to get your personal information.

We haven’t received complaints of Indians ringing from Microsoft needing to update your software in quite some time…

However, Tech Buzz Ireland‘s Jim O’Brien managed to catch a fraudster red-handed today and even recorded the conversation (below).

They’re ringing from a Waterford number 051-347 567 and are requesting you give them your PPS number.

Under absolutely no circumstances reveal this information. If this call was legitimate, they’d have your details on a screen in front of the, and to hang up.

It’s understood that gardai know of these calls and that people are advised to share this information with their friends.

People are also advised to tell their elderly parents, friends and neighbours who may not have access to news publications like The Liberal. Listen to the audio below and share with your friends.

Share With Your Friends