P.A.Y.E Worker to Get €3 or €1.62 after all taxes. Why Get Up Early

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Image Irish Mirror.ie

The budget and what it means for the hard pressed P.A.Y.E Worker 3 Euro  or €1.62 after all taxes  etc

If you decide to take that un affordable weekend away. Which you deserve it will cost you an extra 5%

You can forget about popping over to the cafe for your break that will cost you another 50%

Forget about having a cigarette that is another 65 cent

Your better off to have a stiff drink no tax increase on that.

If your employer finds a place in their heart to give you a Christmas Bonus No matter what you get the government want a slice of your hard earned bonus.

You will get nothing towards your children’s education. Just pay for it

Your trip to your hair stylist will cost you another 50%

Well if you get sick and not paid sick leave you better start saving hard for them sick days and pray your doctor doesn’t hand you a prescription.

So you decide you have enough and you jack it all in and go to your local welfare office and say those 3 famous words I Am Entitled To

You will get 250 euro a year extra  or a 5 a week  an allowance for heating your home.

As for getting sick that won’t cost you. Your G.P gives you an expensive prescription don’t worry instead of paying 2.50 you get it for 1.75

100% Christmas Bonus no questions asked.

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