Richard Satchwell: I will take a lie detector test

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Richard Satchwell: I will take a lie detector test to prove I didn’t kill my wife Tina

Richard Satchwell spoke exclusively to TV3 News today and declared that he is willing to take a lie detector test – just not at the moment.

Mr Satchwell was asked by TV3’s reporter whether he would be willing to take a lie detector test which would clear his good name in the eyes of the public.

Richard Satchwell agreed to take a lie detector test at some point, he’s just not ready at the moment.

His wife, Tina Satchwell is missing close to one year from her home which she shared with her English-born husband Richard down in Cork.

Richard Satchwell was interviewed on Saturday night’s Prime Time show on RTE One. Mr Satchwell has been interviewed numerous times by the media and has consistently said that he has absolutely no idea what has happened to his missing wife and has no idea where she is, who she could be with or what could possibly have happened that has made her appear to vanish from society.

Gardai have opened a new search for the missing Cork woman in a woodlands area not too far from the Satchwell’s family home.

Mr Satchwell said last night that he can vouch 100% for his wife and that she wouldn’t go near such a woods on her own or even with him.

He believes that if any harm has happened to Tina in that woods – someone, somewhere knows something and that they should come forward to gardai with information.

It’s understood that gardai are carrying out the search as a direct result of credible evidence brought to them recently

Source The Liberal