Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

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From a hospital bed in an isolation unit at CUH
Cllr: Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated
CORK City North West independent candidate, Cllr Kevin Conway, is fighting for his political life from an isolation unit at Cork University Hospital.
Just months after his own brush with death at the side on the road in the village of Leamybrien outside Dungarvan, while on his way to an inter-county council meeting in Waterford, the Blarney-based politician may not be fighting fit just yet, but he’s expects to be released from hospital for the election and is keen to stress that ‘rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated’.
“I’m lucky to be alive for sure, after being found unconscious last September in my car by a Florence Nightingale at the side of the road near Dungarvan,” Cllr Conway said. “After the lovely lady, whom I have since met, rescued me, with the help of a petrol station attendant, I was taken to Waterford University Hospital, where I spent a week being treated for sepsis. I was transferred to CUH and I’m in an isolation unit.”
Cllr Conway, who had stem cell treatment in Galway five years ago for a multiple myloma condition, was due to get a second stem cell procedure, that is until his roadside drama.
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But this politician is a battler and is responding to constituents’ emails and campaigning from his hospital bed. “I know there is a view out there that I’m not up to the election but believe me, I have never fought so hard for myself and my constituents and I want that message to get out there loud and clear. I’m may not be free to call door to door at the moment but when I’m back on my feet, I’ll be with my supporters, every step of the way, dealing with whatever issue is on their mind,” he said. “They are my number one, I hope to be their No 1 on polling day.”
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