Sick & Tired Of Us Irish Being Taken For Complete Fools

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More value for money bought to you by FG

Future tribunal written all over it.
Paid for by the public, BUT, Privately owned!!
Say What????? Yep you read it right…. On just 2 projects, One (NBP) was supposed to cost Just half a billion but now has skyrocketed to €3 BILLION o_O
Of Taxpayers money, which we won’t even own on completion!!
That was with just one bidder (Lucky so & so) No Competition, Department of Finance against it Yet the state are ready to fork out BILLIONS of Taxpayers money too a private company, who will own everything when finished. You really couldn’t make this up!!
While we have record homelessness
Housing crisis
Rental Crisis
Child poverty
Cervical Scandal


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Health care crisis/ again no money to open wards or pay nurses to actually stay here after graduating
We can’t even get speed ramps to make our estates safer for our kids
But low & behold we can find Billions to throw away at projects we wont even own!!!
Sick & Tired of us Irish being taken for complete fools, Wasting public money hand over fist with not an ounce of accountability between the lot of them

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