Three men jailed for plying 14-year-old girl with drugs and forcing her into prostitution

THREE MEN WHO sexually exploited a 14-year-old girl by plying her with drugs and forcing her to work as a prostitute in England have been jailed for a total of 18 years.

Jack Cairns, 21, Jack McNally, 21, and Brandon Sharples, 20, were sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court today after being found guilty of a number of offences following a trial.

The victim began to be exploited by Cairns after the pair struck up a friendship while he supplied her with drugs.

She was reported missing by her family on 8 June 2015. However, she had been offered a place to stay by Cairns at a property in Radford, Coventry during this time.

Over the next two days, he gave the girl drugs and then encouraged her to work as a prostitute to repay her debt.

In the presence of McNally and Sharples, Cairns made the victim pose naked for photos which were then uploaded to a social media site advertising her as an escort.

For another three days, men visited the property and paid for sex with the victim.

She was still considered missing during this time.

On 13 June 2015, police raided the house and rescued the victim. McNally and Sharples were at the house when the police arrived and they were arrested. Cairns was later arrested.

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The three men were convicted following a two-week trial at Warwick Crown Court.

“This case involved the most horrendous exploitation of a vulnerable young girl by the defendants. She was treated as little more than a commodity to be utilised for their financial gain,” Alex Warren, senior crown prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said.

“The prosecution was able to outline the role that each defendant played in her abuse and they must now face the consequences of their actions,” he said.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim’s courage and her support in helping to bring these three men to justice.”