“We cannot have this happen again

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Scally Report: Family told ‘nuns don’t get cervical cancer’ by consultant

More than 200 women had their smear results read incorrectly.

Dr Scally outlined how one consultant delivered the news to a family whose mother was deceased.

“They said they went in for their disclosure meeting and the consultant said several times about the late woman’s smoking habit and also told them that nuns don’t get cervical cancer.

“Now if that isn’t paternalism, verging on misogyny. If that isn’t paternalism, what is?”

Dr Scally believes there is not a need for a commission of investigation but he has made 50 recommendations.

Representatives for the women involved have called for them to be implemented as soon as possible.

One of the women affected, Lorraine Walsh, says this can never happen again.

“We can’t change what has happened to us but we’ve been working closely with the department, with all of the people in the HSE, CervicalCheck through the steering committee over the last number of months to try and push this forward, to try and change the system and to try and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“We cannot have this happen again


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